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Residents of Indianapolis as well as Westfield, Avon, Northfield, Carmel, Lawrence, Brownsburg, McCordsville, Zionsville, Noblesville and Fishers count on Chimney Solutions to inspect, repair and replace their chimney liners.

Chimney Liner Repair - Indianapolis INChimney Liner Repair & Replacement in Indianapolis

For a fireplace and chimney to efficiently heat your home, the various components that make up these structures must be in good repair and fully operational. The chimney liner is a critical part of your fireplace system, and as such it should be included in any annual inspection by our certified chimney sweeps.

The chimney liner protects the brick and mortar of the chimney from byproducts of combustion and excessive heat. A quality liner makes for the safe removal of smoke and other toxins from your home. A faulty liner can lead to all sorts of complicated and expensive problems.

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Chimney liners

The purpose of a chimney liner is to provide a route for smoke and the byproducts of fire to be sent outdoors. During the winter, a lot of smoke goes up a chimney. Chimney liners that are cracked or otherwise compromised can hamper this process. Fixing or replacing chimney liners can prevent the need for complete chimney rebuilding by halting the damage in time.

When a liner becomes deteriorated, dangerous substances and materials can find their way into nearby walls, ceilings and attics. These dangers are eliminated with the expert repair of an existing chimney liner or replacement with a new, sturdy liner.

How to tell if repair or replacement of your chimney liner is necessary

While there’s no substitute for professional inspection, homeowners can make an initial determination if the liner needs to be looked at. Signs of a failing chimney liner include:

  • chimney drafting problems – if there’s smoke in your room, there’s some kind of drafting issue
  • a smell coming from your fireplace – call for an inspection if any unusual smell extends from the fireplace
  • broken pieces of clay in your firebox – this means the chimney and chimney liner are compromised and need attention

Most homeowners can detect unusual smells and see clay pieces. But for full-service inspection and the expertise to resolve the problem quickly and safely, it’s important to call out a Chimney Solutions technician.

 Nothing lasts forever

chimney liner installation in Indianapolis IN

Chimney liners, whether made from metal or clay, eventually will begin to degenerate, which can lead to excess moisture and a buildup of creosote within rough, broken areas. The reason professional chimney inspections in Indianapolis and surrounding areas are so important is because there’s only so much a homeowner can see. Trained chimney experts have the tools and expertise to check all surfaces of a chimney liner and recommend the best solutions.

The point of annual chimney and fireplace inspections is to spot trouble before it gets too bad. The point of repair and rebuilding work is to provide you and your family with a fireplace system that operates efficiently and safely. The passing of time coupled with the harsh elements of rain, snow, ice and frigid temperatures can compromise a chimney liner. Call us today for a thorough inspection and valuable advice.

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Chimney Solutions serves customers in Indianapolis, Westfield, Avon, Northfield, Carmel, Lawrence, Brownsburg, McCordsville, Zionsville, Noblesville and Fishers.

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We believe that education and ongoing training is important, which is why we continuously invest in ourselves and our team to deliver better service to you. We’re Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) – certified and members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG), so whenever advancements are made within the industry, we’re among the first to know about it. When you work with Chimney Solutions, you can expect the latest information and the most advanced services and techniques. We strive to exceed expectations on every job from a routine chimney sweep and chimney cleaning to a full chimney restoration.

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