The Dangers of Creosote Buildup

Your chimney keeps your family safe by constantly working to vent harmful byproducts from your fire. All of the parts of the chimney system work together to do this job, and to do it right. In some cases, even a well-constructed chimney can become less efficient, however, and this is when dangerous circumstances can occur. … more »
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We Build Outdoor Fireplaces

Summer is here, and it’s time to think about your favorite outdoor space. An outdoor fireplace is a great addition to any yard, patio, or garden space. It brings up the value of your property. ¬†An outdoor fireplace, designed to your specifications and built by an experienced professional is vastly different than a store bought … more »
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Masonry Heaters

In the United States, the traditional heat source of long-past has been the fireplace. Perhaps that is why the fireplace has been transformed in many ways through the years to burn more efficiently. Thus, resulting in oil and gas burning appliances, inserts, and log sets. However, in our service area of Indianapolis, Indiana, masonry heaters … more »
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Three Reasons to Avoid Chimney Cleaning Logs

Some of the most convenient fireplace products on the market can be bought at your local home improvement or hardware store. There are chemical products for suppressing fires, starting fires, and cleaning your chimney of creosote. All three of these products bear the CSIA Accepted Products logo, which means: 1. They are related to hearths, … more »
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